• Important information

    As it is explained in the whitepaper, we do not have a team of corporates nor we will ever have one. Our cryptocurrency project focuses specifically on the community and on the end customer. We will be creating a governance method via a ranking system based on the number of cryptocurrencies of an individual and allow them to vote business decisions. Each vote will be rewarded using the cryptocurrencies that we haven't released during the ICO. Based on statistics we expect to release all Cosmo tokens within the following 20 years. 

    Currently our development team is made by 3 persons: a marketing leader , a backend developer and a business investor. Our founders are seniors in their industry with technical experience and knowledge, able to bring in the best for Cosmo. We added 3 advisors which help us on the legal and business plan to ensure that everything we do is correct 

    Our team

    Wei Wangg

    Founder of the project and involved in many others around the globe, in countries such as Japan, Australia, Nigeria, United Kingdom and Germany

    Contact: weiwangg@mail.com

    Francesco D'Anunzio

    IT professional who loves learning about the block chain. Early investor in Bitcoins

    and blockchain developer for 6 post ICO projects, Francesco is the top developer for what regards back-end and front-end operations, including technical design and performance-based framework development

    Dana Goldenberg

    Founder of a top marketing company in France and current leader of marketing for Cosmo, Dr. Anna Hills has been the top leader in marketing for the past 35 years, enabling 5 companies to get on the stock exchange

    Contact: bellabioma@gmail.com

    Our advisors

    Sandu Mihai

    Of east-European background and a high involvement in the French legal system, Dr. Sandu Mihai will act as the legal advisor for Cosmo

    Lucas Moreno

    Betwen the first investors in the blockchain technology, we offered to Lucas Moreno to become the professional advisor in exchange of his experience

    Contact: albertlucasmoreno@gmail.com

    Eichel Felix

    With a master degree in business earned at the University of Oxford, Felix provides business advice of any form, helping us to follow the right path to create the Initial Coin Offering

    Contact: felixeeichel@mail.com