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    The first decentralized cryptocurrency which builds a decentralized organization owned by its community

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    About Us

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    The Future of Finance

    Our community can benefit of an attractive financial system for transparent and secure transactions. The system is decentralised, execution of contracts is fast and costs are much lower than in traditional electronic fund transfers  

    How You’re Protected with us

    We are the first manual Initial Coin Offering, decreasing all risks of an automated server-based ICO. We employ staff to carry the manual operations for our customers

    Why Cosmo?

    Our company is inspired by the values of those who enabled the progress of humanity to where we are today. We aim to do the same with our existence by providing innovation and excellence 


    Cosmo(CSM) whitepaper (pdf)


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    Our Vision

    Corporate writing

    May 2018 - Private ICO

    We allocate this period to distribute tokens to potential partners that would bring potential advantages to our company

    Public sharing

    28 May 2018 - Public release

    It's the time when we release our cryptocurrency to the public! The initial price and bonuses will allow investors to buy the token for as low as equivalent of $75

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    September 2018

    Our cryptocurrency is released on standard exchanges for the equivalent of $100/token

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